Chiropractor to Medical Doctor; An Online Guide to Resources

If one uses internet search engines you can find increasingly chiroprators who are finding it difficult to make a living, due to the economics of HMOs and PPOs which limit reimbursement or require consumers to utilize particular chiropractors who have contracted to handle all cases for the insurance provider. Other contributing causes are increased competition for the same patients with NPs, ND's,etc. Others feel limited by the scope of practice that chiropractors have and would like to add to their skills.  Whatever is the cause, defaults on loans are extremely high for graduates.

On some of the discussion boards one finds more and more people asking the question:  How Do You Make The Transition from DC to MD? Thus, this website is being setup to provide answers to some of the nut and bolts questions that people have. Many of the chiropractors are going to Caribbean schools. It is equally important that you chose a school that meets the requirements to license i.e. you physically attend the school, it is recognized by your state authorities. Some internet based schools are soliciting chiropractors but their degrees are dubious.

I am not a chiropractor but am friendly with a few people who are making the transition and their dedication to education inspired me to help by putting up this resource. I would be happy to introduce anyone who would like to talk to another chiropractor who could answer your questions as to how they have made the transition. I will be happy to help folks find additional resources if they can't find them on their own. This will be a continuing work in progress.

How Becoming A Doctor Works
Websites of MD/DCs
US Med Schools
Listing of World Medical Schools
Evaluating Foreign Medical Schools
  and listing of Carib. Schools
Osteopathic Schools
State Medical Boards
  (important to check and see if your chosen
  school will get you licensed in your state) An      example of what a state requires from a                foreign med school grad is here.
How To Get A Residency
Chiropractic career vs  MD Career  Outlook
Paying for Medical School and Foreign Medical School Education
School Loan Defaults By Discipline and
  an article on why DC's default
Guide For Non-Traditional Med Students
An alternative for some
  Naturopathic Medical School   In some states
  they have gained a wider scope of practice
  than DC's and can prescribe meds,do minor
  Dr of Physical Therapy program some DC's   are going into with flex study scheduling (tel (800) 241-1027)
Forums to get information and support

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